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Tim Gibbs, Abby, and Jake


Thank you for vistiting firemarkfurniture.com. My name is Tim Gibbs and I own and operate FireMark Distributors. In addition, I am also a professional Firefighter in North Carolina. Because of the schedule I work it allows me to put forth time and energy into various other areas of interest.

What sparked my interest in furniture? For one thing, I love all types of furniture, but what really got my attention was the insane mark up and profit margins on furniture. It was obvious to me that many people were being taken advantage of when making their purchases without ever knowing they paid 300-500% above the actual cost. Since I already have a full time job that paid a reasonable salary and had established several deep connections with the furniture market over the last few years, I saw an opportunity to solve several issues.

#1 I would buy direct from the factory or warehouse at wholesale and below.
#2 I would make a lower profit margin off our sales by cutting our competitors by 50-70%
#3 I should still make an honest profit off our sales.
#4 The customer would make a purchase knowing they received an awesome value from me.
#5 Everybody wins and the business name grows.

In the fire service we live by words like honor, loyalty, integrity, honesty and trust in each other. I have tried to apply these same values into our business @ FireMark Distributors. When you make a purchase from me you not only get a great product, you get an excellent value.

You can rest assured that I am taking 5% of the profits off of each sale and placing this into a Suntrust Bank fund. This fund was set up by me to be used in the case of a serious injury or sickness of a firefighter. This money will be used only for the sole purpose of helping out a firefighter who has a serious financial need due to injury or illness. It is my hope that as the business grows so will the percentage of what goes into this account.

Tim Gibbs
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